Dare 2 Dream Nursery

~Where No Dream is Out of Reach~
Reborn Babies Created by Artist Adrienne Anderson

About Me

My name is Adrienne Anderson and for as long as I can remember I've loved art and been involved in it somehow. In high school I was maxed out on the art credits that I could have. I enjoyed sketching and ceramics but have always had a huge passion for dolls as well. I saved up and bought my first expensive doll as a sophomore in high school. Back then the Lee Middleton dolls were the most realistic babies available. I was so happy to have one and always said my dream job would be creating dolls just like that. So when I stumbled across reborns in early 2004, I was amazed by the realism. I knew I HAD to have one! After purchasing one, I knew I wanted to learn how to create them right away. Within a month I had the supplies and was starting on them. For the first year or two I only created a few and worked more on perfecting them than trying to sell any. By 2006 I had the confidence and skills to start selling them. I mainly sell on ebay and you can find my nursery by searching D2DN in the titles when I have one available. I'm constantly striving to improve and stay up on the latest advances in the reborn world because it is my main goal to provide you with a baby that looks real and that you will love for years to come!

The name...

Dare 2 Dream Nursery just came to me one day long before I started selling dolls. I decided that if you dare to dream then anything is possible. I let myself dream that one day I would be creating reborns full time and now I am. I married my husband, Clint in 2003 and right away we knew we wanted kids. The road to having kids hasn't been an easy one nor has it been a short one. We did some minor tests to try and figure out why we haven't been able to get pregnant but none have given us any answers. In January 2007 we decided to go another route and signed up with an adoption agency. A birthmom picked us quickly and on July 10th, 2007 our son, Remington was born. He is my whole world now and makes my life just that much happier. When he was born, I decided to stay home with him which then has allowed me to also pursue reborning as my full time hobby/career. We never gave up trying to conceive and eventually went on to try different fertility treatments. After no luck we decided it was time to move on to IVF. The cost was so overwhelming that it seemed like an impossible dream, especially with us still paying for Remington's adoption. After some research, we found a program where we could donate half of my eggs from the IVF cycle and would be able to do the cycle at a discounted rate. Immediately this sounded like just what I wanted to do. Not only would this help us be able to afford to do IVF but we could potentially help another couple suffering from infertility as well. I felt so at peace during such a stressful time that I knew we were making the right decision. We cycled in March of 2011 and thankfully found out we were pregnant in April. Later on we also found out that my recipient also got pregnant that cycle. What an amazing year 2011 became! We welcomed our daughter, Catalina in December. She is the light of my life and has given me so much inspiration on my dolls as well. After experiencing both adoption and pregnancy, I feel so much more complete and blessed to have my perfect babies. Since we always dreamt of a large family, we are hoping to expand in the future, whether it be through adoption or pregnancy or both. Family is so important to us both.

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Pictures of my family


My beautiful baby girl 

 Our family while I was pregnant